Monster’s Hunt

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A Sweet Monster Romance

An omega, the sweetest prey. She’s going to be mine, and I'll make sure she never runs from me again.


My family made my life a misery, but there’s nothing I can do to escape them. I have nowhere else to go.

The monster I encounter in the forest overwhelms my senses, calling to the omega in me. I can’t believe I let him touch me, but I’m so starved for affection I can’t help myself.

And then I do the only thing that makes sense…

I run.


But the monster hunts me down. He says he gave me a choice, but he’s not letting me go. He’s going to claim me as his mate.

What reason do I have to deny him when my own family doesn't want me?


***This is the seventh book in the Monsters in the Mountains series but it can be read as a standalone.***