Knight of Secrets

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A Shifter MC Romance

Book Cover: Knight of Secrets
Part of the Hell's Knights MC series:



When my father’s associates realized how much I knew, they decided the only way to be sure I wouldn’t talk was for one of their members to claim me. My heat is close, but there’s no way I’m letting one of those alphas near me, and if that means running straight to the law, that’s what I’ll do.

But that paints a target on my back, and my little sister makes the perfect hostage to be sure I come running home like a good girl.

Can I convince the man protecting me to risk himself and the rest of the Hell’s Knights to save her, or will I be forced to mate someone who despises me?




I’d never realized repaying a debt would be life changing. I hadn’t wanted the feisty omega to stay, but now I don’t want her to leave.

The only problem is, she has information the Purists don’t want to get out, and they’ll do anything to silence her.

Including adding her and her little sister to their trafficking ring.

This story contains mention of prior emotional and physical abuse, as well as fat shaming. None is performed by the MMC.

It also contains physical violence, gun violence, mentions of human trafficking, a hostage situation, a cult with views similar to racism, gore, and possibly other triggers I may have missed. Please email me with specific questions and I will answer to the best of my ability.