Tempting a Knight

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Book Cover: Tempting a Knight
Part of the Hell's Knights MC series:

When the man who murdered your brother comes for you, who do you turn to?

My brother's best friend was not only a wolf shifter, he's an alpha. He's the only one with the resources to keep me and my family safe, but will he accept my offer?

I built a successful garage from the ground up, saving myself from the slums like we'd always planned. The only problem is my best friend isn't here to share it with me.
But his sister is.
That nerdy little girl turned out to be an omega, and she needs my help and the protection of the club.

They don't call us Knights for nothing, even if we're guarding people going through Hell.

This story contains loss of a loved one, physical abuse, as well as threatened SA. None is performed by the MMC.

It also contains physical violence, gun violence, descriptions of wounds, a hostage situation, a cult with views similar to racism, gore, and possibly other triggers I may have missed. Please email me with specific questions and I will answer to the best of my ability.