This world contains both the Alpha Barbarians series, and the Monsters in the Mountains.

The Alpha Barbarians series was inspired by the show The Last Kingdom. It’s set in the time of Vikings, but in a fantasy world. There are places that are still very primitive, but there are also some larger towns that will be worked into future stories set in this world.

The clan of Monsters live near our Barbarian villages, high in the mountains. The first story was written as a one-off for an anthology, but when we decided to do another the following year, I wanted to write more about the monsters I had created.

I couldn’t do things the easy way and go with a monster everyone knows. No,I had to be difficult and create my own. Some type of werewolf/minotaur hybrid. And I totally forgot to give the first monster a tail, which I was fairly upset about when I went to write the second book. That’s what inspired that bit toward the end of it! LOL

I did commission a sketch of one of the monsters if you’re curious. The uncensored version is included in the back of the paperback of Monster’s Find, but you can see the censored version in my Facebook group, Leann’s Omega Den.

I enjoy writing in this world and it seems to be a favorite, so I plan to keep releasing both Monsters in the Mountains and Alpha Barbarian books. I even have plans for different monsters, but if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see, shoot me a message and tell me about it!