Monster’s Prey

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A Monster Chase Romance

I wasn’t looking for a mate, but I’m keeping her now that I’ve found her.


My mate died, but somehow, I survived, and my body didn't get the message that I don't want to go into heat.

My brother nursed me back to health, but now I've become a bargaining chip. 


A walk in the woods to enjoy my last moments of freedom before being forced to mate a new alpha almost becomes the last thing I do. The only thing more terrifying than the bear trying to kill me is the monster who prevents it from doing so.

He's different enough I don't feel like I'm betraying my lost mate when he declares he's keeping me for himself, and there's a connection I can't deny.

Why wouldn't I let him claim me as his prize? 


***This is the third book in the Monsters in the Mountains series, but it can be read as a standalone. This book is currently available in the Monsters Before Men anthology and will be released on it’s own Nov 19th.***

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