A Knotty Choice

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The Seduction of Sharon

Finding your boyfriend in bed with a beta is a hell of a blow to your self-esteem. What’s an omega to do but flirt with the next alpha who comes along?


Turned out that alpha was looking for a waitress to work an upcoming party, and offering a ton of money to do it. As in, I could pay my rent and still have some left.

I couldn’t say no to that!


I guess for that amount I should have realized I’d be on the menu as well. I had to make A Knotty Choice, but I didn’t regret it.


Not until the alpha who’d gotten a taste showed up in my home right as I went into heat.


***A Knotty Choice: The Seduction of Sharon, is a standalone within the Propositions of an Alpha series. This is a contemporary omegaverse romance and can be read without reading Propositions of an Alpha: The Claiming of Cadence trilogy.***

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This story has dark and sexual themes, including, but not limited to, self-doubt about desirability, morally grey anti-hero, exhibitionism, stalking, heat cycle, drugging, kidnapping, light bondage, dubcon, toy use, forced breeding, claiming bites, but ends with a HFN.