A Knotty Bond

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The Claiming of Cadence Book 3

I would never have my old life back.


Leo had kept his word, and his teeth, to himself. I was the one who’d messed up, and now I was carrying his baby.


He’d told me I was his, I just hadn’t believed him, and now everything was a mess.


Pregnant without a bond, it was almost unheard of.

Worst of all, I wanted him to claim me.

He’d chipped away at my resolve until I couldn’t deny he meant every word he’d said to me. He was happy about the baby and serious about bonding me. I was so close to giving in…


Until he pushed me away.


It was for our protection. To keep us safe. But I wasn’t scared of his world anymore, I was scared of a world without him in it.


He tried to break my heart to make me leave, but I wasn’t going to let it end like that. He was mine and I was his, and I was going to seal our deal with A Knotty Bond, one way or another.

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