Hired to Breed

Book Cover: Hired to Breed
Part of the The Hired Series series:

Able to afford everything she's ever wanted, the one thing Annalise wants the most is a baby. With no mate and no desire to give up control of her life, she makes the decision to hire a stud to provide what she needs.

Separated from his family, Liam isn't sure he wants to father a child he'll never see, but the opportunity to live in Eden during the pregnancy is too much to resist. So is the chance to antagonize the prim and proper Annalise.

She's bound and determined to do things on her own, but will Liam show her it's okay to share the burden and loosen up? Will Liam be able to abandon the child he helped create, or will the separation crush what's left of his heart?

Proposition #3

Book Cover: Proposition #3
Part of the Illicit Deals series:


I’d known better, yet I let it happen anyway. There would be no escaping Leo now, I was carrying his baby.

I had no idea what I was going to tell my family. The relationship with Leo was supposed to stay secret till he tired of me, but it seems like he’s getting what he wanted after all.

Me. And a baby.



Cadence didn’t know it, but she played right into my hand. She couldn’t say no to marriage when she already carried my child.

She was mine. Mine to protect, mine to cherish, mine to love.

But Dimitri knows about her, and our trust in him is waning. The Walkers are still being an annoyance, and with a possible fight on two fronts, I want her exposed to my world even less than before.

There’s no way I will give her up, but can I keep the promises I made to her to keep her and her family safe?

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Book 3 in Illicit Deals, coming soon!

Proposition #2

Book Cover: Proposition #2
Part of the Illicit Deals series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99

Leo wants more of Cadence, and he's willing to do anything to have her again.
Cadence is still desperate for money, and just as desperate for Leo, though she won't admit it.
He waits until the perfect moment to strike, offering a deal too good to refuse, but will Cadence risk it? Can she take the chance of losing more of herself to him in order to save her family?

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Coming Soon!

Proposition #1

A Virgin Auction Romance

Book Cover: Proposition #1
Part of the Illicit Deals series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 1.99
ISBN: B088C538TK
Pages: 73

When your brother’s life depends on you paying his debts, you find a way to do it. Even if it means selling the only thing of value you have left.

Reviews:Darcy on Goodreads wrote:

It was well written and beautifully tasteful. It has a sweetness in a bad world full of bad things happening to good people.