The Hired Series Part 2

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Book Cover: The Hired Series Part 2
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 473

The Hired Series Part II contains the last two books in the series, featuring two new couples and cameos from previous characters as the world around Eden finally takes notice and starts to change.


Hired to Breed:


Annalise is desperate for a baby but unwilling to give up her freedom to take a mate.
Hiring a stud is the next best option. She can get what she wants, then send the alpha on his way.
Unfortunately, life can never be as simple as she’d like it to be. When all she wanted was a male to do his duty and disappear, how did she end up with the one who values family above all else? Who sneaks his way past her barriers and makes her question what she claims to want…?

Will the alpha Hired to Breed her be able to stick to the contract and leave behind the family he helped create, or will Annalise find a way to get her Happily Ever After, after all?


Hired for Research:


Ordered to take over the Alpha Project, Evelyn has no choice but to go to Eden to do her research.

It’s the only place where she can get the samples she needs and observe how alphas interact with the other dynamics, but she’s never even met an alpha before.

The people backing the project have a specific outcome they want, but Evelyn refuses to alter her findings for political agendas. Especially after spending time with the hunky alpha assigned to be sure nothing happens to her.

An unexpected heat ruins her plans to keep her hands to herself, but she was Hired for Research, and she has to return home.

Her findings will never be seen and the alphas won’t be freed if she does what she’s supposed to do, but will the alpha she’s fallen for forgive her and make giving up everything she’s worked for worth it in the end?

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This is the second paperback for the box set.